Eu Funding Programmes

PEK, with a long experience in consulting services plans to hold a leading position in the new area of EU funding.


The new period of EU funding named HORIZON 2020 includes investment and organizational opportunities for Enterprises and Public Organizations, based on its clientele and approved investment projects.

With knowledge, expertise and executives experience being a few of our valuable assets, we fully meet our customers' expectations, in utter respect of their particular demands. We assess and measure our performance through the fulfillment of our customers' objectives.

We illuminate the path of development, by evaluating on your behalf, the appropriate financial tools, while selecting those that consistently serve your investment projects.

The services provided by PEK in cooperation with SLOA LTD – a company with vertical specialization in EU funding project management - cover the entire range of business solutions, with a particular emphasis in the sectors of Financing and Investment Project Management, Strategic and Business Plans, Business Organization, as well as providing services to the Public Sector.

PEK has extensive experience and expertise in placing investments in EU funding programs, having successfully managed a significant number of proposals in the fields of innovative projects, manufacturing, logistics, hotel business, renewable energy, production software, broadband infrastructure, etc. contributing significantly to the rise of business in Cyprus territory.

Current Programs Funded By the European Union :

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